Goods for Export of which a Permit is Required

The following products listed hereunder require an export permit as stipulated under the Control of Goods Act (Cap 18.08) of the Laws of Malawi:

1.       Implements of war (other than arms and ammunition), atomic energy materials of strategic value, and items of primary strategic significance used in the production of arms and ammunition and other implements of war, including the following metals:-

a.       Beryllium;

b.      Cobalt;

c.       Tantalum;

d.      Uranium;

e.      Lithium;

f.        Columbire;

g.       Niobium (Columbium);

h.      Thorium;

i.         Germanium;

j.        Titanium;

k.       Nickel; and any materials containing such metals

2.       Petroleum products

3.       The following gemstones in the unmanufactured state:-

a.       Corundum;

b.      Garnet;

c.       Quartz;

d.      Tourmaline;

e.      Turquoise;

f.        Beryl;

g.       Zircon;

h.      Jade;

i.         Olivine;

j.        Feldspar;

k.       Topaz;

l.         Opal;

m.    Chrysoberyl;

n.      Spinel;

o.      Lazurite;

4.       Scrap metal

5.       Hides and skins in processed and non-processed form

6.       Rice, including:

a.       Rice meals;

b.      Rice bran;

c.       Rice residues

7.       Maize, including:

a.       Dried maize, on or off the cob;

b.      Crushed maize; or

c.       Samp;

8.       Maize meal, including;

a.       Maize grits;

b.      Maize cones;

c.       Hominy cop;

d.      Maize offals; or

e.      Processed maize meal with or without additives

9.       Raw hard round wood timbers 

10.   Live poultry, including day-old chicks