Step 1 - Business Registration Certificate

Entity in Charge - Registrar General’s office

Unit in charge – Application forms can be obtained from the Registrar General’s office in Lilongwe and Blantyre and from the Ministry of Industry and Trade, GEMINI house Lilongwe. Forms can also be downloaded from the Registrar General’s website - you register on-line you will automatically be given a Taxpayer Identification Number (TPIN). As of November the 2nd 2015 you will need to show this number when you are exporting produce from Malawi

Person in charge -  Ministry of Industry and Trade, GEMINI house Lilongwe – Mr. Talandira Khonje, Floor 2, Room 35. Registrar General’s office - Mr Joseph Chintolo (265) 01 824 355 or (265) 01 824 795

What you will get - A Certificate of Business Registration

What you will need to obtain this – The filled in form

Waiting time to receive certificate – two weeks

How much does it cost? MK 2000 (Two thousand Kwacha). The payment can now be made at your nearest Malawi Savings Bank (MBS) branch. So there is no need to travel to the Registrar General’s office to pay. After the registration process online, the customer prints a receipt with a customer number, registration number, and amount which can be taken to any Malawi Savings Bank Branch for payment.

Legal Justification – The Business Registration Act, 2012 (specifically Part IV of the act). 

Recourse – If you are not satisfied you should contact the Principal Secretary for Justice.