Kedrone S. Chisale - Director of Industry

Mr. SK. Chisale is a highly qualified and seasoned Economist with wide experience and skills in Policy formulation, Project development, monitoring and evaluation. At university level, he studied Industrial Economics, International Trade, Econometrics, Money and Banking, Financial Accounting and Statistics. He is currently working as Director of Industry in the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Furthermore, he has worked as an Economist in the Ministry of Economic Planning as well as Ministry of Transport and Public Works.

In terms of career progression, he has worked in the Government on different positions over the past twenty years (20) and during this period, he made significant contributed to formulation of the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy (MGDS), SADC Transport Protocol, Vision 2020, current draft Industry Policy and provided professional advice on various technical and policy matters. He has also represented Government during regional and international consultative meetings under the SADC and COMESA programs.